Tatyana Ryzhkova Black Limba Signature Series

Discover this incredible model designed in collaboration with the artist in the workshops of Guitarras Raimundo.

Certified Spanish Origin

Handmade Guitars
in Spain since 1968

We are the only guitar building company with a Spanish Certificate of Origin,
granted by an independent and objective entity, which verifies that our
Guitars are built entirely in Spain.


Discover our guitars

In our extensive catalogue you will find classic, flamenco and acoustic models, as well as other emblematic models that are recognised throughout the sector.


Design your guitar

At Guitarras Raimundo we want you to enjoy a unique experience by customizing your new guitar. Our expert craftsmen will accompany you throughout the process.

Guitarras Raimundo en la prensa

ISP Música

ISP Música

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Radio Nacional de España

Radio Nacional de España

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Innovation in design

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