This is our history.

Since 1968


It was in 1968 that Manuel Raimundo decided to try his luck starting his own Spanish guitar construction company. He only had his own experience in this craft, a small shop belonging to his family and a dream to succeed in this new venture. His first employee and his first representative, Salvador Cortina, arrived a few months later and thanks to Salvador, the first major customers were acquired.

During this time he began to participate in the first national fairs, which helped to get new customers and make the name “Raimundo” a familiar one throughout Spain. Soon the domestic market became too small, so Manuel decided to go international, taking advantage of some contacts he had secured abroad. This new market demanded higher quality instruments and provided a major challenge for Manuel and his team.


In 1974, with the aim of finding new customers, he began attending the most prestigious international fairs, Frankfurt, Paris and Los Angeles. After his first experiences he decided to attend exclusively the Frankfurt Music Messe, the most important of all. Since then “Raimundo Guitars” has continuously attended every edition of this European event.


In 1980 he had a staff of over 20 employees and was producing around 8,000 instruments a year. With the workshop becoming ever so small; Manuel decides to move to a new facility in the “Boca De Jarro” industrial park, in the city of Paterna, where he is currently located.

In just a few years the growth was spectacular and the percentage of production exported also increased considerably, thanks to the years of his attendance to the Frankfurt show. Then in recognition for this effort, in 1981 he received his first Export Award from the Valencia Chamber of Commerce.


More than 60% of the guitars made are exported to countries like Germany, France, Japan, Italy, Great Britain, Greece, Portugal, Turkey, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands and Austria, so Manuel decides to try to expand the market to the USA and Latin America. In 1984 returns to exhibit at the fair in Los Angeles (NAMM) and once again, the facilities will become small so in 1988 the first expansion of the new workshop in Paterna is done, building an extension, exclusively dedicated to polishing and finishing guitars.


This year Manuel Raimundo received the Quality Award, by the IMPIVA. This maybe the prize for which we are most proud, as it became the recognition for the years of hard work improving the instruments, not only in their sound qualities, but also in their finish.

The increase in sales and recruitment of staff once again made the facilities small, having then to perform the second expansion of the workshop in 1995, this time to accommodate a polishing section. .


In 1998 Victor Raimundo, son Manuel, who had been learning the trade from his father, joins the company and is now who runs the family business.


In 2005 the company received the Nova Award for Craftsmanship. This award recognizes the efforts made by the Raimundo family to preserve the artisan spirit of Spanish guitar construction.

The opening of new markets and the possibility of expanding the business into Asian countries are of high priority for Victor therefore he decides to start exhibiting at the Shanghai Music China Fair. Triggering the starting of exports to countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong or China. .


The times are changing as well as the customer’s needs, therefore new technologies in information and management systems are adopted, bringing the company up to par with the new tendencies of the 21st century. It is also decided to expand the product range and the line of acoustic guitars is introduced. .


Currently “Raimundo Guitars” has a staff of 29 craftsmen, many of whom have worked with Manuel for over 30 years. More than 12,000 instruments a year, of which 85% are exported all over the world, are produced and a US subsidiary has been established to distribute their guitars directly to the American market from a local facility.

Despite the steady growth, how the “Raimundo Guitars” are built has not changed significantly over the years. And this is no coincidence.

We are very proud to say that all our guitars are and will continue to be made by hand, using traditional methods and following the traditional Spanish system inherited from a tradition that is lost in time and we are proud to continue to preserve.

But in “Guitars Raimundo” tradition and innovation are not at odds with each other and our R & D plays a key role to provide new models, achieving new challenges that add value to the instrument. We like to think we’ve never done two identical instruments; each guitar is different from the previous one. This is our main feature: WE ARE ARTISANS.

1968. The beginings.

Raimundo Guitars Awards


Quality, Craftmanship and Export Awards.


Facilities in Paterna (Valencia)