Guide to buying an Acoustic Guitar

What factors to consider when buying an acoustic guitar? by Omid He-Jazzy My name is Omid he-Jazzy, guitarist and composer. First of all, it is a great joy to be able to collaborate with Guitarras Raimundo in this blog about the acoustic guitar. I have the opportunity to be an endorser of the brand and …

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How to choose acoustic guitar strings

How to choose acoustic guitar strings Possibly one of the most common guitarist’s dilemmas is how to choose their acoustic guitar strings. There are several options on the market in terms of materials and many more in terms of calibres. All these options directly affect our sound, so depending on the sound we are looking …

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Guitar Maintenance Guide

One of the things that worries us most as guitarists is how to keep our guitars in optimal conditions, especially when summer approaches with all that it entails: travelling for holidays or for work, subjecting our guitars to sudden changes in temperature, humidity, etc… I hope this guitar maintenance guide can clear up some doubts …

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