Microphone for guitar | Classical guitar amplifier

Guide to choosing a classical guitar amplifier

We do not always have in our performances a PA equipment and a sound technician to amplify our guitar through microphones, which is undoubtedly the best way, the most respectful with our sound. In some occasions, especially in performances in smaller venues, we will have to resort to an amplifier to amplify our guitars ...

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Exercises for classical guitar

Classical guitar exercises

Classical guitar exercises As a guitarist, it is essential that you have a set of practice routines for classical guitar to develop a solid technique and establish the fundamentals of both hands. Whether you are practising scales, exercises or a piece of music, well-timed hands are vital. When our hands work harmoniously together, our hands are ...

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Change Spanish guitar strings

How to change the strings of a classical guitar

All of us guitarists have asked ourselves on more than one occasion if we are setting the strings of our guitar correctly. There are many ways, although all of them are quite similar. We are going to show you how to change the strings of your classical guitar as we do in our workshop. How to remove the strings The first thing we must do, ...

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Guitarist's nails

A guitarists' guide to nail care

Growing out your nails for guitar playing is not a prerequisite. However, it can add warmth and character to your playing and allow for a much wider range of tone colours on the instrument. Therefore, meticulous nail care is essential. If you have tough nails ...

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classical guitar strings

How to choose classical guitar strings

When it comes to choosing classical guitar strings, different factors such as the material or the tension, among others, have an influence. Although the final choice is very personal, we are going to analyse these factors to see how they influence the sound. Materials The most common material used in the strings for Spanish guitars is the strings for classical ...

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Parts of the guitar

Parts of the guitar

The guitar is one of the most popular stringed instruments, used in different musical styles. Nowadays there are several types of guitars: classical, flamenco, electric and acoustic. All of them have parts in common and some different parts that are characteristic of each type of guitar. Let's focus on the parts of the classical guitar ...

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Buy guitars for children

Guitar for children

Childhood is the best time to begin musical training and the guitar is one of the most popular instruments for this purpose, but there are times when buying a guitar for children can be complicated, given the many options and qualities available on the market. The first thing to bear in mind ...

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Buy classical guitar

Tips for buying a classical guitar

  There are many factors that influence our decision when buying a classical guitar, such as aesthetics, price, etcetera. If we are looking for a study or beginner's guitar, we should not only be guided by its price. The construction of the instrument has a direct influence on its comfort, which is why, in addition to ...

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Buy acoustic guitar

Guide to buying an Acoustic Guitar

What factors to consider when buying an acoustic guitar? by Omid He-Jazzy My name is Omid He-Jazzy, guitarist and composer. First of all, it is a great joy to be able to collaborate with Guitarras Raimundo on this acoustic guitar blog. I have the opportunity to be an endorser of the brand and I am convinced since ...

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