Guitars 100% made in Spain

We are the only guitar maker with a Spanish Certificate of Origin, granted by an independent and objective entity.

At Guitarras Raimundo we create handcrafted guitars in our workshop in Paterna, Spain. And to prove it, we have managed to be the only guitar manufacturing company with a Spanish Certificate of Origin, granted by an independent and objective entity, which verifies that our guitars are built entirely in Spain.

We continue to build guitars with traditional techniques, methods and means, applying new environmental and treatment knowledge so that you can be sure that your instrument is exclusive and unique. We follow the Traditional Spanish System, which guarantees our own standards of quality, stability and durability that differentiates us from other builders.

The Traditional Spanish System is a system of guitar construction typical of our country and has been used for centuries by all Spanish craftsmen. With this system the lid is attached to the neck and then the instrument is assembled. During the assembly process, a part of the mast remains inside the box, creating the well-known Spanish heel.

This system guarantees a firmer construction of the guitar than using a dovetail type joint, which is very common in the furniture industry. In turn, it provides greater stability and durability of the instrument.

We want people to be able to communicate through music.

Manuel Raimundo, Fundador de Guitarras Raimundo

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